Friday, December 4, 2015


Well, this is how it started...4:30am on Wednesday,
December 2nd, we got a text message telling us Mackenzie's flight out of Ontario Airport was delayed.  We called the Church Travel Services and they instructed us to head to the airport as planned to see what our options were.  When we got to the airport our only option was to reroute Mackenzie to fly out of John  Wayne Airport in Orange County.  So we headed to John Wayne only to find out that her new flight was also being delayed.  So we waited with her and watched her flight be delayed a second time.  Then she went through security planning to board her flight at 1:30pm and fly directly to Atlanta to make her 9:00pm departure to Buenos Aires.  Well unfortunately she sat on the tarmac for nearly two hours and finally left John Wayne Airport at 3:00pm and arrived in Atlanta at almost 10:00pm.  LUCKILY, Aunt Tamie lives about 30 minutes from the Atlanta airport and she was able to pick Mackenzie up and have her spend the night!!!  The next day(Thursday) Aunt Tamie took her back to the airport where she was able to catch her 9:00pm flight to Buenos Aires!  Better late than never!  So Aunt Tamie snapped this picture and sent it to us!  It was so comforting to know that Mackenzie was able to be with family and to know that the Lord was watching out for her!  Now we wait as Mackenzie is flying over South America as we speak, expected to arrive in Buenos Aires Friday morning at 9:30am.  We pray for your safe arrival Hermana Rich!

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