Thursday, December 17, 2015

Week #2

Hey Fam! 

Semana 2!


I went to proseltismo yesterday and it was sooo awesome! We taught three lessons, gave out three book of mormons, all our pass along cards and we got six return visits! It was really hard work but so worth it. I couldn't understand much but when my companions told me what they were saying I did most of the talking. Which worked out well. We got a lot of cat calls but we just ignored all of them. When we drove into the city which was like an hour away I saw this restaurant bringing their meat into the store and it was a cow cut in half!! It was really crazy and gross. For proselyting they just give you a map of your area and drop you off on the side of the road and say go. It was pretty intense. The Lord is so amazing though. He has blessed me so much since I have been there. It was really easy to tell who needed the gospel more than others because I would look around and it was like one of my companions was talking to me and it said go talk to them or go to that door and each time someone would take something with them whether it was a pass along card or book of Mormon. Oh YEAH. It happened. Their was hair in my meat the day after I emailed you, and today! To say the least, I became a vegetarian for that meal. But on the bright side we have had chicken three times since I emailed last week which was great! CCM stands for Centro De Capacitacion! It was pretty crazy, one night there was a massive party across from the CCM it was really funny. All the English districts had to sing in Sunday school last week and now Hermana Willis has asked me and Elder Childs (my district leader from Virginia) to close her Sunday class lesson this week so you can tell sister Mills I am singing This is the Christ in the ccm or mtc. Also, I am singing in sacrament next Sunday and I get to teach relief society this Sunday! We watch a movie or video every Sunday with the Americans and we watched the Christmas devotional last week! They sang carol of the bells and it reminded me of AJ! I did get AJ's email. We got our new set of Americans and Latinos today. For three days there was only 9 of us in the CCM. So the day before all of the Americans left Hermana Willis made cookies for everyone. Well Elder Anderson is deathly allergic to all nuts and the cookies were peanut butter. Well he took one bite and swallowed. His lips swelled up so fast and his tongue, but it worked out. It was just kind of scary, which reminds me. We figured out that I am allergic to the mosquitos down here and they love me. I get a few new bites every day and they swell up to the size of golf balls, so Hermana Willis is going to get me cream today when she goes into the city. Also, we have a pet. Me and my companions wake up early so we can study before breakfast and every day there is a bird at the window and when we walk by he starts flying into the window non-stop. We named him Bobby lol. Also, we got a new pet INSIDE today. Someone left a window open and there was a bat asleep on the wall right outside our door this morning, pretty exciting huh? But the story that takes the cake I think is about my roommates, the Brazilians. We came down from planiemento (planning at 9:30) and the three girls came running out of our room and said we were in big trouble. We finally got them to calm down and they said that there are bad spirits in our room. They said they see it  in their body and it gives them bruises (we think its just from soccer). But we said it was okay and we could go back in and they kept pushing us away from the door and then started crying and ran away. So we had to go get someone to come pray in our room and give them blessings and then we were fine. But we told them they probably feel the bad spirits cause they don't go to bed on time. They are up until like 11:30 ironing clothes, showering, etc. Well I have never seen them get ready for bed so quickly before ahahaha.  I talk about this a lot with Hermana Harpole but even when we have super hard days with the language or whatever else at the end of the day when we write in our journals we still say it was a good day.

We went to the temple today and last Thursday and it is SOOO beautful inside. They have the most beautiful chandeliers I have ever seen! Hermana Harpole and I (we are like super close btw) decided to pray about what to teach our investigators next, because last week we were super stumped. When we came out and talked about it we had received the exact same answer. It was so amazing and it really strengthened my testimony. Also, Hermana Ostler had gotten sick while we were proselyting and started throwing up on the side of the road. It started to get stressful because people were coming up to us and asking us questions but we couldn't focus on understanding them and helping her. Then out of no where our Elders showed up. They said someone in a car drove up to them and told them where we were and said something was wrong with their chicas. It was such a huge blessing to have them there to help. I love my elders so much. We are like a family. It was a pretty hard week because one of my companions doesn't like to follow the rules and one night in the middle of the night she disappeared for over 30 minutes so we talked to her and it did not go well. It really upset me and we had been having contention no matter what I did she would have something snarky to say or just wouldn't cooperate. So I was pretty upset and I was really nervous to proselite so I asked my elders for a blessing and it was one of THE most spiritual blessings I have ever recieved. Elder Paulson gave it to me. He is from Utah. The prayer was very simple but I could feel the love of my HEAVENLY Father so strongly as I was surrounded by three boys who gave up two years of their lives to dedicate themselves to the Lord. I am so grateful for the priesthood, it is such a huge blessing out here.
I have never been so happy before. I just love everything out here and the people are so friendly and nice! That or they just completely ignore you haha. I just want you all to know how much I love this gospel. It is so amazing. The Lord knows each one of us and what we need and are feeling. If we turn to him for help He will help us to find the answers to any problems or trials we may be having as long as we put in the work. I am loving the mission and I am so happy that I get to devote 18 months of my life to serving the Lord because without him I would have nothing. I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! 


Hermana Rich


Mackenzie's companion Hermana Harpole is the one on the far right.

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