Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas & New Year (Week 3)


Hello my dear family and friends! 
I hope all is well and you had a fantastic christmas and new year! It is so crazy that it is 2016 already!! My Christmas was great! I just hung out with my district all day. We played this game called signs and we got some brazilians and latinos to join and we were able to explain the game in spanish to them which was really cool! We are learning the language so fast! But I still do not feel ready to leave for the field. But I keep reminding myself that faith and doubt cannot dwell in the same mind and just rely on the Lord! 
Christmas here was really great even though we had the worst meal ever!! It was this potato salad thing with cold imitation roast beef meat (in other words horse meat) so Harpole and I had banans and rolls haha. We just laugh and know it could be way worse and appreciate what we do have! They celebrate Christmas here like the fourth of July! There was not an empty spot in the sky! It was so amazing to watch the fireworks behind the temple! They did the same thing for  New Years but I must say missionary work, even in the CCM is exhausting, so I was not awake for them. I just woke up to them and rolled over and went back to sleep hahaha.  
I have to say thank you so much for the letters I got for Christmas! They made me feel so close to home and it really felt like Christmas because of it!! This Christmas made me really appreciate all of the things I don't have with me right now like my family and friends. The Lord really did bless me with the most amazing people in my life!! 
Proselitismo this week was a lot more difficult. But I must say every time I got discouraged or frustrated I would just start singing primary songs and would instantly feel so mcuh better. No one really wanted to talk to us! We were able to teach two lessons and hand out two Book of Mormons within the first hour of proselyting but nothing the rest of the day. But I was determined to meet my goal and just walked around talking to people while I was waiting for the bus and was able to hand out my last two book of mormons and teach two more lessons! I was so happy. 
I want you to know that I have a strong testimony of this gospel AND I  KNOW that it is through the atonement of Jesus Christ that we can be with our families forever and be forgiven of all our sins. I love you all so much! Happy New year! 
Hermana Rich
Funny Christmas Pajama Picture with the district

District Picture

Tags at the temple
Hermana Rich and Harpole in front of the temple
Hermana Rich & Harpole in front of the CCM

At the Temple 

With the Brazilian roommates

The group at the CCM

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