Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 29, 2016

Mackenzie has been having a great time as usual.  Grateful for her safety the last few weeks.  A little unnerving for mom's!!! (And dad's, but he doesn't try to let it show.)  No pictures this week but we did get videos.  Just can't post those here.  Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Hello Family!! 

So, this week was definitely a week full of adventures!! 

It all started out with a 24 hour intercambio(exchanges) that went from Monday until Thursday afternoon!! I stayed in the Pando house with Hermana Paul, Hermana Harpole and Hermana Peay! It was a lot of fun..and crazy! Two of the three nights I was there someone tried to break in! My first time calling the police..and it was in Spanish! haha. But we went and got all the doors and locks changed on the house in Pando! Nothing like staying in a house with your bff and a bunch of robbers! It's just a funny story now. 

Then Friday night we had a CRAZY thunderstorm..the loudest and strongest I have ever heard or seen in my life. This was also the same night our house alarm went off twice. Good thing I got practice in Pando right? I really think it was just the weather, but still an adventure! 

This week Martin, Andrea, Sebastian were our lifesavers. They came out with us in the pouring rain on  Saturday. Then on Sunday we were able to go out and do divisiones! (Splits.  This is where they go out with members of the ward.) Our ward is seriously THE BEST and I am going to be sooo sad when I leave! There is so much work in our area as well! We have a set charla (lesson) every hour of almsot every day!

This week in relief society we talked a lot about the ojo de la fe, the eye of the faith. It really made me think. Am I looking at my area and all of the people around me with the eye of faith? Am I doing everything that I can with faith? It reminded me of a scripture in Doctrina y Convenios 123:17. It talks about how we should do everything we can with buen animo (good attitude) and then Heavenly Father will make up for the rest! We can go in circles dong what Heavenly Father asks but if we don't do it with buen animo (good attitude) does it really count? Are we really living our lives with the ojo de la fe? I have made it my goal this week to try and see things more with the ojo de la fe! I invite you all to think of how you can better see things with the ojo de la fe and then apply it! I love you all and I hope you have  great week! 


Hermana Rich

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