Wednesday, May 11, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hello Dear family!
Another week has flown by and I am still loving the mission and all that it entails! Every week when I reflect on what has happened and what all to tell you guys I realize sooo much has happened. Good, bad, and in between, we get it all out here on the mission! But that is what makes it so fun and one part of why I love it so much!  

So to start off our week last Monday... TORNADO PREPARATION. So we were supposed to have a tornado in our area last Monday and as a result the city was going to turn the water off for 4 days. Our area is right on the edge of a big river and they were worried about water contamination. So we went on a water hunt around 7 at night. It was literally a hunt because everyone was buying water. Luckily we were able to buy some drinking water because we definitely cannot drink the water here! Then we filled up every Tupperware container we could find and old bottles for showering and that stuff. The next day, thank goodness it didn't happen we just couldn't leave the house! But we still have been getting a lot of rain so we still have a lot of water sitting around the house just in case! Better to be prepared than sorry right? But it was such an eye opener for me because let's be honest, that does NOT happen back at home hahaha!  

Now...FUNNY STORY. I don't know how many of you watch the show Friends but I definitely pulled a Rachel. There is an episode where Rachel is in a wedding and walks down the isle with her dress tucked into her underwear...yes, I pulled a Rachel. We left the house to go get our lunch (we had been in the house because I had gotten a slight flu cold thingy) Anyways I had thrown a slip under my skirt cause you know, modest is hottest. Well in my attempt to be modest I ended up doing the EXACT opposite! Nothing like a 15 minute walk to get lunch with your skirt tucked in to show the world my garments! Hahaha it was actually really funny. My companion walked behind me for a second and just said stoppppppp and fixed it hahaha. Just wanted to tell you so you all can no I am the same old me!  

Now...SERVICE PROJECT TIME! So at the bottom of our area we have an entire neighborhood who lives right by the river and also the irrigation for our city, which as you can imagine is not the greatest. Well we had crazy floods and had entire houses get swept away. Of course this didn't happen to the people who are well off, but to those who already had just about nothing to begin with. We hadn't heard anything about the flooding and we hadn't been down in that area for a while because we are trying to find new investigators in parts of our area that we don't work as much. Well one night my companion and I felt strongly impressed during our planning that we needed to go down there. We found out on of our old investigators lost everything besides her house. Her house is built up high for the floods and despite that the water almost filled up to the ceiling in her house. So we got the elders together and we went and spent an entire morning cleaning and organizing stuff. She had so much stuff to do. She ended up coming to church on Sunday for the first time this week and said she wants to be baptized! We are also working with Red Cross because we have another family with two little kids whose house got ruined from the rain, and another family whose entire house is just gone. But something Raquel said really inspired me. She said God is still my friend and at least I have my house. This woman has lost everything and she is still able to see the silver lining in this situation! She is so amazing.  

Then we have...Baptism!! Everything is going extremely well with Franco and we are having his baptism this Saturday! The cool part is his parents said they will come too! We are super super excited for him and he is too. This kid was just sooo prepared., I mean he literally found the church haha. Our zone of missionaries are going to sing a musical number at the baptism so that should be fun! We are still working with Alejandro but we don't see him as much because he is getting ready to have knee surgery! So that is my week in a nutshell for ya! I hope you all have a fantastic week and know that I love you all! 


Hermana Rich

Soccer wall

Hermana Rich & Paul at a single adult activity the rain!

The District

Easter package put to good use!
Hermana Rich & Del Compare
Torta Fritas!

Just lovin the mission!


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