Saturday, January 7, 2017

December 19, 2016

Hello family!! 

This week has been very interesting to say the least! I have been sick with another stomach infection so I wasn't able to go out and work too much! But I am going to go get some tests done and should be up and working real soon!!

This week everyone has been putting up their Christmas lights and Christmas trees! It is finally starting to feel like Christmas even though we are melting from the heat!!

On Friday night we had our end of the year dinner as a ward and it was sooo fun!! Last minute they asked me to play Mary in the nativity scene and so I had a husband who was 15 and super crazy!! It was really funny because it was supposed to be the primary but they didn't have enough kids so I was Mary and my comp was the angel!! For dinner we did asado of lamb and it was really good! I only had a little piece because they put me on a special diet but the piece that I had was wayyyy good!! Speaking of which I also completed my dream of touching a sheep!! (and not the one that I ate!) It was way fun and an easy way to contact some people!

This week even though I have not been feeling great we had a lot of miracles!! To start off on Sunday our recent convert, Omar, gave a talk! It was soo good and made me cry a little just because I was soo happy! Then on top of that our other recent convert, Daniel, received the priesthood! Then We had 8 investigators at church! We were soo happy!! The Lord really does bless us for our efforts! Later that day we went and visited a family that had come to church that we have been working with and the parents and their son all accepted a baptismal date!! So we now have six people getting ready to be baptized and I have just loved being able to watch how the gospel is changing these peoples lives!! The family, Veronica and Ruben, when we first started to teach them wanted to get a divorce and now they are so happy and the feeling in their home is so different. They said they had started reading the Book of Mormon out loud together as a family and it has changed everything!! I am soo grateful for the gospel in my life! I know I am a different person because of the gospel and that through Christ I can do all things! I learned a lot about that this week. It was soo hot out and I didn't feel good but I knew that there were people who needed to hear about the gospel. I know that it was Christ who made it possible for me to find the energy and health to be able to go out and work for a few hours and because of my faith and efforts he helped us to find the people who were prepared to receive the gospel. Sometimes life isn't easy but when we trust in the Savior he will always make everything to be for our benefit and show us the way we can support all things. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all the love and support that you have shown me throughout this last year! I hope you have a great weekend and A merry Christmas!!

Hermana Rich

Hermana Rich does love her watermelon!

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