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February 29, 2016

Great letter this week!  Grateful for my faith and the peace that I always know Mackenzie is where she is supposed to be at this time in her life.  And grateful as always for her safety!  Love you all! Kim
Hi everyone! This week has been super fantastic and then not so fantastic haha! 

 We had the conference with Elder Bednar this week and it was super amazing! I really think I got so much out of the conference because I prepared really well for it. We can't go into something like that and expect to receive answers or advice that we are not spiritually prepared to receive! So for those of you who get the amazing opportunity to listen to him in these next few weeks I would highly recommend preparing! Read your scriptures and pray to have the spirit with you during the meeting! Elder Bednar and his wife are really just indescribable! They are super spiritual but they keep it fun and interesting as well!  Elder Bednar talked a lot about the Book of Mormon! He said if we will take the time to read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon everyday he could promise we would never go inactive. He then went on to explain that the Book of Mormon is not an ancient record of the Nephites. It is a road map for what is coming and we are living in the pages of it. Crazy?! But it is so true and we hold in our hands a map to get through this life. How dumb would it be for us to not use it? I just love the Book of Mormon..and Elder Bednar! I also got to see Hermana Harpole and Hermana Cutler! Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to talk to Hermana Cutler so we just smiled and waved at each other! (Kim here...Hermana Cutler is a friend of Mackenzie's from home and she is serving in the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission.)

So we had to be in Montevideo a little before the conference because we had some stuff to do in Montevideo! So we went down on Thursday afternoon! This is where the adventure really starts! So we planned our day to be able to have lunch with a member and then head down to Montevideo right? Well we had just left the house and we were about two streets above the house when we heard our alarm going off. So we went back to the house and turned it off. Well the kitchen door was open..soo we had an unexpected guest haha. Yes, someone tried to break into our house, but the alarm scared them away. So we let our district leader know, locked everything up, reset the alarm, and went to lunch! After lunch we came back and everything was normal so we packed up and went to Montevideo!

Later that night we had to take another bus to get to the house of Hermanas in Carrasco. Well I heard something fall as I was walking off the bus. So I turned around and saw my wallet on the floor as the doors closed and the bus was driving I lost my wallet. But the next day the assistants to the mission President(kind of like the head missionaries) returned it to me! Someone had called the office and said they had found it! Yay! Of course all of the money was gone which was kind of a big bummer, but I accepted the fact that I was supposed to lose that money either way, whether it be from someone breaking into my house or losing it on the bus! Apparently someone else needed that money more than I did!

So Carrasco is right on the beach so I was able to go running on the beach for exercise that next morning and I have to say it was so amazing! Uruguay is sooo beautiful!

Well we got back from the conference around 12:30 at night so we had permission to sleep in until the next morning! Well when we woke up my poor companion was sick. We have been in the house ever since. But we should be able to leave the house tomorrow! Yay! But unfortunately we haven´t been able to work in our area for four days now and today will make five. So the elders from our zone are coming to work in our area for us! They are going to have charlas (lessons) with our investigators for us and meet with all the people we need to! It is such a big blessing because without them we would lose a lot of the progress we have made in our area! It just goes to show that it really is not about numbers out here! We are all doing the same thing and it doesn't matter where!

But on the bright side we had an investigator at church even though we couldn't be there! It was Alejandro! We were super excited to hear about that! We are still teaching him, Alejandra and her son Mauricio! We also started teaching her friend and two kids that are living with her! They are awesome! 

That is about all I have got for ya this week! The mission is definitely an adventure and you NEVER know what is going to happen! It keeps it fun! But I love my mission and everything about it! I know that this gospel is true and that because Heavenly Father loves us so much he gave us all the tools we would need to return to him! Those tools include church leaders, prayer, our families, and most importantly the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that if will take the time to read it, ponder it, and pray about it we can all know of the truthfulness of it! I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. It may not be in the time we want or how we want but He always answers them. I know that through the temple we can be sealed as families for the eterenities. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless and help every single person! That is why we need to take every opportunity to share the gospel. We don't go anywhere by coincidence and if you look there is an opportunity to share the gospel wherever we go! I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!


 Hermana Rich
Beautiful moonlit sky
Hermana Rich & Mortensen saying hello!

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