Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 7, 2016

HI everyone! This week we didn't have too much going on. Hermana Mortensen was still sick so we were in the house all week except for yesterday and the Viajantes ( I think it is sister training leaders in english) came down so I could go work!

But don't worry I still have stories to tell! When we were out yesterday we were visiting people we hadn't seen in a while! Well there is one part pf our área that is pretty poor and we have a menos activo (less active) family that lives over there. They have one room and a bathroom for their house. They also have 9 kids with one more on the way. But they are so amazing! Well we were walking down the street and we saw some of their kids with the neighbors kids...well low and behold they were playing in the sewer. They are doing some construction down there and they didn't close up the drainage for the sewer. So Hermana Mortensen and I went over there and asked what they were doing. They had thrown these big, heavy, metal rings down into this drainage and they had to get them out. Keep in mind the Rodriquez daughter is in like a nice easter dress while all of this is happening. But they weren't strong enough to get them out with out all of them working together and that is why they were all down there. Well Hermana Mortensen, being the sweetheart she is, asked if they needed help. THANK GOODNESS they said no..I really would have learned alot about charity if they had said yes!! That is one thing I love about the misión! You never know what is going to happen and you learn in the craziest of ways!

This morning I was reading in third Nephi about when the people saw the sign of the Birth of Christ! It made me think because after a few years they didn't believe in the signs that they had seen. It made me think of this phrase, without faith even seeing is not enough. If we are not preparing everyday(Reading our scriptures, praying, going to church) when we recieve answers we might not think they are really answers. Or when trials come we won't have the faith suffecient to support us through those trials. I was also thinking about when the Gadianton robbers kept coming and attacking the Nephites. The nephites learned that they had to humble themselves and it was only through the strength of the Lord that they were able to defeat them. We need to realize that everything that we do and can do is thanks to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We have so many talents that help us to be good at different things, now imagine if we prayed and asked for the Lord's help in all the different things we do? We would be even greater. I have been working alot on humility this week! Just some thoughts. Like always, I hope you are all reading and praying! I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!

p.s. here is a soccer field in el campo!


Hermana Rich
Hermana Rich and Mortensen
Hermana Rich and Manu

Hermana Mortensen, Hermana Rich and Manu

Soccer field in El Campo

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