Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 14, 2016

Hey everyone! 

So this week the majority of our charlas(lessons) fell through so it was a lot of walking...and walking...and more walking!! But that is okay! I really don't mind it! So this week during our correlation with our bishop he decided we are going to have an entire sacrament meeting totally dedicated to missionary work. Guess who gets to speak? I am actually more nervous about that than teaching lol but it will be good! He also asked us to prepare a musical number so I get to sing again! YAY! 

Right now we have three main investigators, Alejandra, her son Mauricio, and Alejandro! They are so fantastic! Alejandra has been off of drugs for about three weeks now and we are super proud of her! Alejandro is slowly but surely making progress! Right now he is trying to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon but he loves Joseph Smith! He is totally getting there!  

Funny story! Well it is funny..but I am not so proud of So once again we were walking by the house of the Rodriguez family. Well their like 9 year old son was in the street walking around with this huge chicken!! Well next thing I know he is putting the chicken in my face!! So naturally I got scared and ran away..well I ran into a corner in between his house and this fence and I couldn't get away so my companion had to come save me...I was so ashamed hahaha the next day when we were walking by he asked me if I wanted him to go get his chicken and I haven't lived it down since..I am a 19 year old girl currently being harassed by a 9 year old boy. Not my proudest moment but I don't have much else to say this week.  

This week though I have learned a TON about the fact that people are always watching us. Alejandros's biggest doubt about the church is the members. He knows so many people that are inactive or don't act as they should. He doesn't want to become like that. The Rodriguez family is the same way. They stopped going to church because of the members because they don't act Christ-like. We also have a new investigator Yanina who is the exact same as Alejandro. Granted, they need to be agents with their testimonies and keep strong and focus on show the gospel is perfect, not the members. But it just goes to show that people are always watching and we don't know what our decisions will do to other people. This is why we have to strive to live our lives according to the gospel! if you see someone at church you don't know or is sitting by themselves go over and talk to them, sit with them! Everyone needs a friend! You never know what people need! We had a member in our ward pass away yesterday and we were in a members house when they found out. This member was super close to the women who passed away. I know we were there to give this women a hug. Not to share anything except a hug. To be there for her and show her some Christ-like love!  

But I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! I know this gospel is true! I invite you all to be agents in your testimonies! Search, ponder, and pray! I love you all and I am so grateful for my mission, the gospel, my savior, and all of you! 


Hermana Rich 

Gross slug in the apartment!

We have these things called bicoches here and they are super good! This is one with dulce deleched from a panadaria called la fe (the faith) so naturally as missionaries we had to go right?

Brazilian food at the zone activity

Lunch with the zone

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