Monday, April 10, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hello family!!

Another great week! Man, I just cannot get enough of the miracles that are going on in our area all because of the fast that we did!! This week we found a bunch of new investigators and all have been soo prepared to receive the gospel! It is truly amazing how the Lord hears and answers our prayers!
This week we had a miracle happen that I wanted to share with you! So, the ward that I am currently serving in has been struggling for a little while and us as Hermanas have been trying to think of what we could do to help them! The idea that we had was to do an activity with all the youth in our ward. We have a lot of jovenes that have the edad to go on the mission but don't have a desire to go. Then as we were planning and brainstorming we received a strong impression that we needed to make it an activity for the entire ward. But we had some doubts about it on such short notice with Easter and general conference and another capilla abierta that we wouldn't get the time to do it. The other doubt was that it is impossible to get an activity going. We have a hermana that has been asking to have a ward activity here since she got here and it hasn't happened. (she has been here for six months!) So we decided to say a prayer and confirm the feeling that we had felt and that if it was really what Heavenly Father wanted, that he would help us know how we could get it to work.  After we prayed we knew that we needed to make it a ward activity. Hermana Chadwick and I decided that we needed to do something different and not just talk so we went and typed up papers with all of the activity imformation, what we would need, the purpose, everything!  At consejo that night we decided to plant the idea and at first they wanted to wait and see when we could do the activity but we were determined to leave with a date and all of a sudden  when we passed around these papers the attitude totally changed. We now have a date for the 7 of Abril to do this activity!

I know this sounds like no big deal but this was a HUGE success for us! When we walked out of consejo we were sooo surprised. I know that everything worked out because we turned to the Lord for help and we followed the promptings we received, even though we didn't understand them fully at the time. I promise you that as you do the small and simple things that the Lord asks of each and everyone of you that you too will be able to see the fruits of your efforts! Heavenly Father wants to help us and if we turn to him he will give us the way to be able to do all things. I love you all and I hope you will all search more frequently for the guide of the Holy Ghost in your lives!

Have a great week!

Hermana Rich

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