Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 7, 2016

Hey family!! 

This week was really great!! We had a couple of random alerts that resulted in us staying in the house as well as my companion hasn't been feeling too well but we still got soo much work done! I am so excited to be out and working again!! The weather here is soo insane! Earlier this past week I was freezing to death with rain and super cold wind and at the end of the week I was sunburned and dying from heat! It is supposed to be raining again tomorrow so we will see how that goes! 

So funny I said we have been working a ton right? Which I am really enjoying but it is kind of tough adjusting from a schedule of no work and no walking to a schedule of walking/running all the time! One day we went straight from lunch to a charla(lesson) and this was the day that it was freezing cold! Well as a result I was super tired and I learned when you put me in a nice warm room when I am super full and tired my mind doesn't work too spanish tan poco! And this my friends is the story of how I started talking in English in the middle of a charla!! I seriously have never been so tired in a charla in my entire life!! This was also the day that we went and visited the farthest part of my area called Pueblito de Dios. It is called Pueblito de dios because it is so far out there that only God remembers them..yeah, that is a five mile walk one way!! Fun stuff right? But it worked out fine! The lady understood and I was able to get it together!! 
Another really exciting thing that happened this week is that we had seven investigators at church!! All of who want to start to receive the charlas or are already receiving them!! We were sooo excited!!  
Something I read the other day really stood out to me in Moroni 6:4. At the end it talks about how Christ is the author and perfeccionador de nuestra fe!(perfector of our Faith)  It made me think of our investigator, Omar. He really struggles with himself because he was a super smart and rich man before. Then some robbers came and robbed him of everything that he had and while he was fighting for his life suffered some head trauma. Well as a result he struggles to remember things like before! To us he is remembering soo much but he gets frustrated! But he has faith in Christ that everything is going to be okay and continues to strengthen himself to remember and study to prepare for baptism! It is the same with us! Christ is the author and perfeccionador of our faith. Through him all is possible and if we will put our trust in him he will help develop our faith and show us the way! I hope you all can feel the love that our father in heaven has for you and can put your trust in his son Jesus Christ! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Rich

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