Sunday, November 6, 2016

October 25, 2016

Hello Friends and Family!
This week was super, super great!! 
To start off the viajantes, our sister training leaders, came and worked in our area with us! In my area we were struggling to find new investigators, so I had done a fast asking the Lord to help us find new people to teach: Well as a result, that day alone we found 3 new investigators!!It was soo awesome and they all have soo much potential!! Two of them are brothers and their mom is a less active member that no one knows lives in our area! It was such a miracle and just goes to show that the lord really does prepare the people to receive the message of the restored gospel. we just have to be willing to open our mouths and talk with everyone!! 
We also did a thing called a capill abierta inour zone.  Acappilla abierta is where we invite everyone to come and take a tour of the church and we have a statue of Christ like from Utah and we teach throughout the tour. You are basically a temple square missionary and we did that on Saturday night. It was the most successful capilla abierta that the mission has seen!! Plus it was soooo fun! We had to teach all five lessons in about fifteen minutes! I absolutely loved it!!  
As for cambios!! I am getting transferred!! I am moving to the interior with an Hermana from Bolivia, Hermana Rios! She has about five months on the mission and we are going to be in Sarandi del Yi! I have heard a lot of super awesome things about this area so it should be really fun! I am really sad to be leaving Pando after only one change but the Lord knows what is best for his work! They are going to put in elders on our side of the area and see if that change will help the Ward! I really think this change was inspired and will help Pando a lot!!  
But I love you all and I hope you have a great week filled with miracles!! 
Hermana Rich


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