Sunday, November 6, 2016

October 17, 2016

Hola familia! 
This week was really good! We had a lot of fun things happen! 
To start off I did a lot of intercambios(exchanges) with Hermana Mejia because Hermana Peay is still having problems with her foot. I love going out with Hermana Mejia.  She is soo funny! We also contacted a guy that would only talk to me in English! It was really weird because Hermana Mejia doesn't know a lot of English so I had to talk to the guy in Spanish the whole time! I have tried contacting people in English and I can't even do it! It is so hard!!  
Also, for one of our lunches this week we had to pass by an abandoned train station. Well Hermana Paul LOVES to take pictures so naturally we took advantage of the opportunity! Well while I was in the middle of climbing into one of these abandoned trains (in a skirt mind you) this old, shirtless man walks out of one of the trains!! Apparently he lives in this abandoned train and I felt sooo awkward!! He just kind of stared at me and we had a few minutes of awkward eye contact and then he went back into his train!! It was a pretty funny experience! Just try and picture me in a skirt climbing into this big old train and you get the idea! It made for a good lauhg that is for sure! 
Also, Hermana Peay has developed a new talent this week that we are not too thrilled about. I woke up a few nights ago to Hermana Peay teaching charlas(lessons), in Spanish, in her sleep! Super consecrated right? It will be all fine and dandy except she is basically yelling in her sleep!!  
This week I was able to receive and answer to a prayer that I have had in my heart this entire change really. Our ward has been really struggling and I have been praying to know how to help all change. Well in the middle of ward council it just came!! I suggested doing a scripture study class and all the members loved it!! It just made sense. If we get back to the basics and focus on what is most important we will also have a firm testimony! It was just a testimony builder to me that the basics are so important and fundamental to our testimonies. Heavenly Father gave us these tools for that exact purpose! I know as we use them to our best abilities the Lord will bless us! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 
Hermana Rich


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