Tuesday, February 14, 2017

January 30, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!!

This week I think will forever hold a very special place in my heart! The familia Sosa Gonzalez got baptized this week!! It was the most special moment in my entire mission. To watch each of them enter into the waters of baptism was sooo amazing. To know that a year from now they will enter into the temple to be sealed as a family for time and all eternity brings so much joy to my heart that I cannot begin to describe it!! The changes that have been made in each of their lives personally and as a family are so amazing! The Lord had been preparing them for such a long time and I am so grateful that he found me worthy enough to be able to witness them come unto Christ! The whole ward came too! We had over forty people at this baptism. We didn't have enough seats so people had to stand up in the back!! 

I can't lie when I had received the cambio call that I was going to be leaving Pando I was really upset and frustrated but now I understand why I needed to come to Sarandi del Yi. We really cannot rely on our own understanding. Heavenly Father knows soooo much better than we do what we need and how we can help others. I know it can be hard to accept his will but the blessings we receive from submitting our will to his are indescribable. I have really seen this throughout all of my mission!
I love my mission so much. I am so grateful for the choice I made to serve. If I had never submitted my will to Heavenly Father's I would never have come out here or met all of these amazing people and witnessed so many amazing experiences!!

On a side note, today in the kitchen Hermana Backstein and I made emapanadas!! They actually turned out really good! We made the dough, cooked the meat and threw it all together!! It was a lot of work but we were really proud of them!!  But I love you all and I hope that you will be able to recognize more fully the Lord's hand in your life day in and day out!! I promise you that if you will look for it you will see that he is there helping us every step of every way every day!

Hermana Rich

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