Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Februar 20, 2017

Hola mi familia y amigos!! 

So another week has just flown by!! It just goes by faster and faster!! We have just been working like crazy and the heat is also killing us!! The weather here just throws me for a loop!! At one second I am walking around in a sweater because it is cold and the next I am getting sunburned! Then you throw some rain in and that makes up the weather for this week!! It is crazy!! 

We have new investigators popping up everywhere and makes for a very busy schedule but I love it!! We have an investigator in Pueblito de Dios so we get to walk alll the way out there! It is only five miles but there is nothing on the way there!! 

Julia should be having her baptism on Friday and we are sooo excited for her!! She is the craziest old woman I have ever met and I love her to death! She let us name her two new kittens and sowe named them California and Idaho! It is pretty funny!!  

Cambios(transfers) are getting closer and I should know where I am going next week! This area just has my heart and it will be really hard to say goodbye! Everyone is just doing so well and they really are my family out here!! But I trust that the Lord knows best and that whatever happens is what needs to happen!! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Rich

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