Sunday, July 10, 2016

June 21st, 216

Hi everyone!! This week has seriously been a week of miracles! One thing I love about the mission is the fact that I get to watch the atonement of Christ and the gospel change peoples lives every single day! 

So one of our investigators, Jorge, has really been progressing this week! He accepted a baptismal date and everything! But something that I love about teaching him is watching how the gospel is bringing him so much comfort and joy to his life. His mom passed away not too long ago and he never knew his dad. So, he feels like he really doesn't feel like he has a family. But every time we talk about eternal families he just lights up with the biggest smile on  his face. It is such a testimony builder to me. I feel like sometimes as members born into the church we sometimes take the knowledge we have for granted! But watching the way it is changing Jorge's life just goes to show how precious it really is! 

Probably the biggest miracle of this week is with our investigator, Antonio. When we first met him he told us he would listen to us but he was never going to go to church or change his ways. Well this past week he accepted a baptismal date as well! When we place a date we give them a folleto (Idon't remember the word in english...Kim here, I think it's pamphlet) That shows all the topics they need to be familiar with before baptism. Well the next day we went by and he was really upset because he saw tithing, the word of wisdom, and the law of chastity. HE said he was not in agreement with these topics but he would hear what we had to say. Well we brought members with us to our charlas(lessons) and he had a COMPLETE change of heart. At the end of our last charla he even said he hopes one day he can call himself one of us (referring to us members!!) I cannot begin to explain the impact our testimonies have on others. 100% Antonio had a change of heart because of the testimonies of the members we brought with us! When in doubt bear your testimony. But we can do it in so many ways!! We can do it by forgiving others, smiling at someone, or sharing a little bit of what we know to be true!!  

In John 21 is when Christ is telling the apostle Paul to feed his sheep and it really struck me. What is feeding his sheep exactly? Then I decided it is when we dive head first into service. The scripture doesn't say watch my sheep, but feed them. For example, I am sure we have all heard a prayer somewhere along the lines of please bless those that couldn't come to church today that they can come next week. But is that really feeding his sheep? NO! Instead we need to pray for the guidance to know how to help them come to church next week and then act! Missionary work is for everyone! Whether it be sharing what we know in how we live or receiving the service of someone else. So this week I have planned to find better ways to feed his sheep and invite you all to do the same! 

On another note, I found out yesterday that I will be training!! That means that my next companion will be a brand new missionary!! I am really excited and of course a little nervous. But I trust in the Lord and what He has in store!! I won't find out anything about my new companion until I go to get her tomorrow morning! 

But I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! 


Hermana Rich


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